Web enterprise resource planning for Publishers


The expectations of customers are no longer driven only by physical bookstores but by the overall digital media experience. The purchase of fragments, rentals, pay-per-view, flexible subscription models and previews must be supported to satisfy ever-changing consumer demands. BooksFlow provides a digital business model that not only manages digital content distribution from planning to consumer engagement, but also optimizes systems for growth and business value; BooksFlow is a business-rules driven system than can quickly be adapted to reflect changing business conditions without the need for programming. By changing these business rules, BooksFlow can be tailored quickly and easily to meet new business demands with little fuss and expense, which protects investment in the software. BooksFlow can be customized to fit a publisher’s unique strengths, while keeping them on the core system and allowing them to benefit from system upgrades. The solution deploys easily on premise or SaaS and will integrate smoothly with other lines of business solutions across your supply chain.

Complementing its core solution for traditional publishing and distribution processes, BooksFlow has taken major steps towards the delivery of the industry’s most functionally complete solution for the Digital Publishing Supply Chain. For both physical print and digital content, BooksFlow is able to manage the special requirements of educational, academic, trade, specialized, niche and subscriptions-based publishers and distributors. It incorporates a variety of specialized modules and features important to publishers, such as Author portal, Journals and Subscriptions, Editorial & Book Production, Title Management, Royalties, Rights and Permissions and much more. In addition BooksFlow incorporates a fully-integrated e-commerce solution.

All of these solutions are part of the BooksFlow system, developed by the same company and sharing a common database. By using a centralized database, this remarkable, turnkey solution unites all the channels in a seamless, highly efficient organization. The result is real-time inventory information across all channels along with more accurate order processing. Best of all, publishers have the ability to provide their customers with better service and more accurate information while also managing all aspects of their operations, including customer response, marketing, orders, warehouse management, accounting, eCommerce and reporting. This makes BooksFlow easier and more economical to implement and maintain than a solution composed of elements from different sources. It is a single database where information is found in a single place, regardless of the size and depth of the overall solution. It is also much easier to integrate and maintain than a system with multiple databases. BooksFlow is developed in the latest Microsoft.Net and SQL server technologies