Web enterprise resource planning for Publishers

Why use Booksflow ?

Connecting multiple organizations

Many large or international organizations may use BooksFlow as a central ERP system at their headquarters, covering the entire supply chain from planning to fulfillment, and all processes, start-to-finish. As a result, these organizations can better share information while enabling subsidiaries to work more effectively by using a familiar, highly adaptable solution customized specifically for them.

Modular solution

It is a complete, stable, highly modular solution that allows your enterprise to grow without fear, worry or limitation. Each organization can integrate modules solving requirements so publishers adopt only those modules that they feel are required to run their business, without the need for code-customization. This structure makes BooksFlow a truly flexible system suitable for all sizes of publishers.

Role-based dashboards

Dashboards let you see your most critical data, alerts and reports right up front, at a glance. Dashboards can be customized for different roles and preferences to display a wide range of content, such as real-time graphs and charts, messages and emails, calendar entries, deadlines, tasks, red alerts when important figures fall outside of set parameters, and saved searches and reports.

Collaborative workflow

When you can link content and messages with workflow, collaborating becomes much easier. With a flexible, integrated platform, employees from different departments can easily communicate about customers, projects and other daily issues by sharing workflow tasks, reminders, emails, alerts and reports. The recipient doesn't have to search for supporting information as it's all linked and in one place.

A full view of customers

With all client and project files linked together, managers and sales reps have a complete view of a client—all current and insertion orders, emails, contracts, ad specs, etc., from one unified application that integrates sales with back-office financial, accounting and order management processes. This provides a competitive advantage to advertising reps, customer service reps, marketing managers and business analysts.

Multiple-channel distribution

The BooksFlow platform is designed for multiple-channel distribution. The system facilitates the development of multiple variations and derivative products while supporting social network integration, diverse revenue streams, complex royalties-management and aggregated distribution. A social commerce layer completes the picture.

Manage relationships

Managing the publishing process with its supplier relationships, customer demands and inventory levels - often for an international clientele - is a complex task. Automation of planning, materials management, order management, procurement, financial accounting, manufacturing, and customer service processes bundled with an integrated eCommerce sales site improves your ability to meet customer demand profitably.

Manage inventory and cost

Publishing and distribution companies today must be able to adapt in order to effectively respond to changing customer demands, build shareholder value against thinning margins and better manage the complexities of inventory handling and optimization across their distribution networks. A robust solution supplied by a partner who understands your unique challenges and opportunities to succeed is a necessity.

Real-time data and analysis tools

With access to real-time data, publishers not only see the latest results in time to correct course, but can analyze that data against other real-time or historical data to identify trends, perform what-if scenarios, and forecast future performance.

Increasing value

BooksFlow is designed to help publishers grow. It provides production, sales, marketing & communication features, seamless integration of functions that simplifies workflow, an easy-to-use graphical interface that improves productivity, and built-in reporting tools that support and enhance decision making. Best of all, the periodic improvements to the system and customer service make BooksFlow an outstanding investment value.

Software as a Service

By, utilizing BooksFlow as a Service, you will experience fewer maintenance issues and lower overall system operation costs. As an application service provider (ASP), we supply the robust hardware, up-to-date software, high bandwidth, backups, server security and system administration to keep you focused on your business and not on a complex technology infrastructure.