Booksflow Academic Books

A Central Workflow Solution for Series and Monographs Publication

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Are you an academic publisher interested in digital innovation for monographs and conference proceedings?

Booksflow Academic Books is the version you need. Designed to support the editorial flow of volumes and series, this version brings into dialogue two different environments (Core and UJPS) to manage administrative practices, editorial proposals and peer-review processes, as well as metadata and contents for the website, thus covering the four typical phases of the editorial project: planning, evaluation, cataloging and distribution.

Each work is enhanced and distributed online with free or paid access, ensuring on the one hand visibility through our WCM modules and, on the other hand, the efficient transmission of data to aggregators and search engines for a rapid indexing. Booksflow Academic Books allows you to plan the editorial workflow production according to the following economic models: Sales, BPC, Membership.

Benefits and Features

  • Several economic models (Gold OA, Diamond OA, Sales, BPC, Membership)
  • Books and Book chapters
  • Different types of peer-review
  • Rich metadata and standards adoption
  • DOI registration
  • Publication of the volumes catalog
  • e-Commerce for print editions
  • Free or paid distribution of digital editions
  • Indexing and archiving policies
  • Advanced global search with fulltext option
  • Real time reports
  • Integrated CMS for website contents
  • Statistics for views, sales and downloads
  • Integration with newsletter external systems
  • How Booksflow Academic Books works

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